• Cancer Cell Stemness

    A Role in Cancer Recurrence and Metastasis

    What is Cancer Cell Stemness?

    What is Cancer Cell Stemness?

Making Sense of Cancer Cell Stemness

Cancer cell stemness affects
  • How cancer stem cells can self-renew and differentiate
  • The potential for tumorigenicity and tumor recurrence
  • The ability of cancer to metastasize
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Highlights of the 2016 Cancer Stem Cell Conference

This 4-day conference featured renowned thought leaders and information about cutting-edge research, with addresses by Keynote Speakers and presentations from researchers and clinicians from more than 25 institutions around the world.

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Our Evolving Understanding of Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)

Find out more about hallmarks of CSCs, including stemness and aberrant signaling pathways, their resistance to traditional therapies, and their roles in recurrence and metastasis.

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