Stemness Signaling Pathways Are Dysregulated in Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)

In normal stem cells, stemness signaling pathways are tightly controlled and genetically intact. In contrast, stemness signaling pathways in CSCs are dysregulated, allowing these cells to self-renew and differentiate into cancer cells.1

Dysregulation of stemness signaling pathways contributes to CSCs’ resistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy and to cancer recurrence and metastasis.1

Cancer Stemness Signaling Pathways

Key stemness signaling pathways involved in the induction and maintenance of stemness in CSCs include2-4:

Targeting these signaling pathways may inhibit cancer stemness in CSCs, potentially reducing cancer recurrence and metastasis.5


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CSC and tumor recurrence and metastasis
Cancer Stem Cells and Stemness

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