Featured in OncLive: Dr. O'Neil on Stemness Inhibitors for CRC Treatment

OncLive, an oncology-focused print and online trade media outlet, recently posted an interview with Bert O’Neil, M.D. about the emerging role of stemness inhibitors for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). Dr. O’Neil, a professor and director of phase 1 and gastrointestinal oncology programs at Indiana University, discussed the potential of this novel area of biology, noting activity seen in both preclinical research and later-stage clinical studies.

Dr. O’Neil’s team at Indiana University was involved in early studies of napabucasin in mCRC. He specifically highlighted napabucasin’s advancement from preclinical to phase 3 studies, and the potential for the compound and other stemness inhibitors to change the oncology treatment landscape.

Dr. O’Neil on Stemness Inhibitors for CRC Treatment