WIZARD 201G Trial

A Trial of DSP-7888 Dosing Emulsion in Combination With Bevacizumab Versus Bevacizumab Alone in Adult Patients With Recurrent or Progressive Glioblastoma

Key Inclusion Criteria

  • Age ≥18 years
  • KPS score ≥60
  • Histologically confirmed diagnosis of supratentorial glioblastoma (GBM, grade 4 astrocytoma)
  • Radiographically confirmed first recurrence or progression of GBM following initial treatment consisting of surgery and chemoradiation
  • Not receiving any antineoplastic therapy, including radiation, for first relapse or recurrence
  • Bevacizumab must be an acceptable treatment option
  • HLA type restriction: HLA-A*02:01, HLA-A*02:06, or HLA-A*24:02

See www.clinicaltrials.gov for comprehensive eligibility criteria.

Study Locations

Sites in the US, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are actively recruiting. Please check www.clinicaltrials.gov for updates about this study (NCT03149003) and for a listing of clinical study site locations.

About DSP-7888 Dosing Emulsion

DSP-7888† Dosing Emulsion is an intradermally or subcutaneously administered, investigational, synthetic cancer peptide vaccine hypothesized to stimulate an immune response against cancer cells expressing the WT1 protein,‡ and has not yet been approved by the FDA or any other health authorities.

†Ombipepimut-S and adegramotide/nelatimotide are nonproprietary names for DSP-7888. ‡WT1, a tumor-specific antigen, is expressed in leukemic cells and in many solid tumor types. ID=intradermally; IV=intravenously; HLA=human leukocyte antigen; KPS=Karnofsky Performance Status.

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